Youth With A Heart For Revival

It has been heard that revival is here or it’s coming. Many can have this intuition, especially young people who want it. A life that revolves around Jesus, his life, love, death, resurrection, and power thereby reviving lives by the power of His word through the Holy Spirit for a true revival, this revival is both spiritual and physical.

Yeah, Revival…. A kind that turns the heart of a prodigal son back to his father, a kind that turns a drug addict to Christ, a kind that heals the sick, raises the dead and shakes the enemies Stronghold, yes a kind that revolves around the truth.

We are a kind of youth that is focused on Christ Jesus and His Mission. We are not compromised or easily compromised, we desire a change, a fresh one all around the world.

Youths can stand up for revival, denominations can start an outreach for revival.

A true revival in the church is one that is without lies or deception with material gains or material change. A true revival is one that is real, focusing on Jesus and nothing more! 1Tim.6:3-21 Rev.3:17-18

Many youths have overcome this and the mundane churches are surprised at our uncompromising love for Christ Jesus. Some even look down on us as youths.

But because we know him we have overcome the world, for greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world.

To all young people out there, let no man despise thy youth. we can still remember the looks given to us by some old folks. They might look down on us but God does not.

Yet that doesn’t mean we should disrespect them, we are to respect elderly people and need to understand that, it is not every adult that looks down on us.

Yet, so many older people are wonderful believers who appreciate and respect our love and passion for God. Such people need to be respected, love every one of them just as the bible teaches.

Really as youths, we are to arise to help make the change that the church needs by focusing on Jesus and everything about him, which includes His Love, Death, Suffering, and resurrection.

Yea, now some of you will be wondering… How do we start a revival?

Well in my next article we will be looking at some ways to do this. 5Ways to Revival.

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