The sodomites tried to commit abominations with angels in disguise, all because of carnal desire with woman! Many a woman [woe of men] of high rank have submitted themselves to the foul –breathed embraces of low muleteers, and to brute beasts. They deserve no trust, read histories, study the philosophers, and examine the poets. The books are full of tales about wicked women, and the sad ends that people of shallow faith have come to for believing in them. Listen to Solomon, who says that woman and wine make men deny God. Consult Seneca and see what he thinks of them. Hear Aristotle, look at St. Bernard, Gentiles and Jews, Christians and Moors, all are in agreement here. But you mustn’t make the mistake of believing that what I have said applies to the whole sex. There have been and are many saintly, virtuous, and noble women, whose shinning crowns exempt them from the general obloquy. But as for the rest, no one could tell you the whole story of their lies, plots, fickleness, desires, tempers, and effrontery’s. Once they get an idea into their heads, they don’t hesitate, they’ll take any risk. And what about their dissimulation, gossiping’s, deceits and forgetfulness? what about their antipathies, ingratitude’s, and inconstancy, their affirmations and denials and prevarications, their presumption, boastfulness, and mock-humility, their folly, scorn, pride, servility, loquacity, and greed, their filthy lusts, their cowardice, their insolence, sorcery, imposture, gibes, and scoldings, their shamelessness and their pandering’s? Consider how little brain there is beneath their broad and delicate hoods. What thoughts go on inside those gorget’s, under all their finery and their long, stately gowns! What cesspools of corruption lie behind those well shaped temples! Truly they have been called limbs of satan, fountain-heads of sin, destroyers of Paradise. Have you not read the passage for St. John’s day, “This is woman, the ancient curse that drove Adam from the delights of Paradise.” She, it was that consigned the human race to hell, she it was that was rebuked by the prophet Elijah, and so on? Once women reveal themselves to one, they lose all shame and let one see all this and more besides. But one must live up to ones position as a man of honour, and try to surpass even one’s own estimate of oneself. It is better for a man to aim above his merits than to fall from the place where he rightly belongs.

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