Six things the Lord hates, seven are an abomination to him. These are haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood; a mind that plots mischievous schemes, feet that are quick to run after evil; a false witness who utters lies and he who sows discord among his fellowmen. Prov. 6:16-19.

       On point of humility, great is the man who ignores his own dignity and is not angered at affronts. As the vine has large and small clusters of grapes, and the larger cluster hangs down than the smaller, so is it among Israel. The greater the man, the humbler he is, they say to fruit-bearing trees: “why do you not make any noise?” the trees reply “Our fruits are sufficient advertisement for us.”

       The proverb runs: How great would that man have been were he not so arrogant. King Solomon received from the Lord a wondrous gift, namely, a silken carpet which flew through the air. The king and his associates would take breakfast in Damascus and supper in Media, carried to and fro on the magic carpet. Once the king passed an ant-hill, since he understood the speech of all living creatures, he overheard the queen-ant order the subjects-ants to hide from Solomon.

       “Why hast thou said this?” the king called down.”

       “Because I was afraid they might look up to thee, and learn from thee pride in place of humility, diligence, and praise for their Maker.”

       “Let me ask thee a question”, Solomon said

       “Take me up to thee, then,” answered the queen-ant.

       When he took the little creature in his palm, the king asked: “Is there anyone in the world greater than I?”

       “Yes”, answered the ant, “I am greater, since God has sent thee to carry me.”

       When king David had completed the Book of Psalms, he felt exceedingly proud, and said: “ Lord of the universe, has Thou a creature that proclaimeth more praises of Thee than I?”     

       God thereupon sent to him a frog, which said: “David, take not such pride in thyself. I chant the praises of my creator more than dost thou. Moreover, I perform a great virtue in that when my time comes to die, I go down to the sea and permit myself to be swallowed up by one of its creatures. Thus even my death is a deed of kindness.” God loves nothing better than humility.

       Let a man be ever humble in learning and good works, humble with his parent, teacher, and wife, with his children, with his household, with his kinsmen near and far, even with the heathen in the street, so that he become beloved on high and respected on earth.

       Do not be like a large door, which lets in the wind, or a small door, which makes the worthy stoop. Instead, be like the threshold on which all are able to tread, or like a low peg on which all can hang their belongings. We should allow ourselves to be guided by the wisdom of God. A man who has gold but no knowledge-What has he?  Man is only wise during the time that he searches for wisdom; when he imagines he has completely attained it, he is a fool. And he who refuses to accept the decree of the Creator, there is no healing to his stupidity.

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