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Unlocking the Power of Our Positional Advantage in Christ

Christians have been chosen, adopted, and redeemed by Christ. We have been given an inheritance and are co-heirs with Christ. But what does all of this mean for our everyday lives? The answer lies in understanding our positional advantage in Christ.

Being “seated with Christ” is a biblical metaphor that refers to our new position and identity in Christ. It means that we have been raised up with Him and are now seated at the right hand of God (Ephesians 2:6). This is a position of honor and authority, and it is one that we can access and live from every day.

Understanding our positional advantage in Christ is crucial for living a victorious and purposeful life. It means that we have access to His power and resources, and that we can live with an eternal perspective and a kingdom mindset.

In this article, we will explore the biblical basis for our new position and identity in Christ, the power and potential of our positional advantage, the mindset and perspective of those seated with Christ, and practical ways to live out our positional advantage in our daily lives.

Our New Position and Identity in Christ

Our new position and identity in Christ are grounded in the biblical concept of being “in Christ.” This phrase appears over 200 times in the New Testament, and it refers to our spiritual union with Christ. When we become Christians, we are no longer identified by our old selves, but by our new selves in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17).

This new identity is not based on our own merits or achievements, but on Christ’s finished work on the cross. Through His death and resurrection, we have been given a new life and a new position. We are now children of God, chosen and adopted into His family (Ephesians 1:5). This is our new reality, and it changes everything.

Knowing who we are in Christ gives us a sense of worth and purpose. We are no longer defined by our past mistakes or our present circumstances. We are defined by our relationship with Christ and our new identity in Him. This truth sets us free to live a life of joy, peace, and purpose.

The Power and Potential of Our Positional Advantage

Being seated with Christ gives us access to His power and resources. We have been given the Holy Spirit to guide and empower us (John 14:26), and we have access to the throne of grace (Hebrews 4:16). This means that we can live from a position of victory, not defeat.

Living from a position of victory means that we approach life with confidence and faith. We know that we have already won the battle, and that we have everything we need to live a life of purpose and impact. This mindset is a game-changer, and it can manifest in many areas of our lives.

Mentality matters in the kingdom. For instance, A village King living in a hurt is still considered a king, irrespective of his abode and his hurt is considered to be his palace. when we face challenges or obstacles, we can draw strength and power to overcome them with the mentality we have in Christ. When we encounter opportunities to serve or bless others, we can do so with boldness and generosity, knowing that we have a limitless supply of grace and mercy to give.

The Mindset and Perspective of Those Seated with Christ

Our location in Christ not only affects our identity and power but also our mindset and perspective. When we understand our position in Christ, we can see things from an eternal perspective and a kingdom mindset instead of a worldly one. This enables us to live with purpose and intentionality, knowing that our lives are part of God’s greater plan.

As co-heirs with Christ, we have an eternal inheritance waiting for us in heaven (Romans 8:17). This gives us a hope and a future beyond what this world can offer. We can live with a confidence and a joy that comes from knowing that our ultimate destination is secure.

Living Out Our Positional Advantage

So, how do we live out our positional advantage in our daily lives? The first step is to cultivate a deeper relationship with Christ. This means spending time in prayer, reading the Bible, and seeking His will for our lives. As we draw closer to Him, we will begin to understand His heart and His plans for us.

We can also step out in faith and use the authority that Christ has given us. This means praying with boldness and confidence, knowing that we have access to His power and resources. It means walking in obedience to His word and trusting that He will guide us every step of the way.

Understanding our positional advantage in Christ is essential for living a victorious and purposeful life. When we realize that we are chosen, adopted, redeemed, and co-heirs with Christ, we can live with a confidence and a power that comes from Him alone. We have access to His resurrection power, His grace and mercy, and His Holy Spirit indwelling within us.

As ambassadors of Christ, we have a responsibility to live out this truth (through prayer and ministry of the word) and to share it with others. We can make a difference in our world by living with an eternal perspective and a kingdom mindset, trusting in God’s unshakable foundation and His plan for our lives. Let us embrace our identity and location in Christ and unlock the power of our positional advantage in Him.

Nothing bends until there are men that can bend down in prayer. Enough of gimmicks, enough of heresy; If you want to be independent (spiritually), you must come into the ministry of the word.

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