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How to Maintain Faith in Difficult Times: Lessons from the Life of David in the Cave of Adullam.

This article discusses the importance of faith and perseverance during difficult times, using the story of King David as an example. The author encourages readers to be strong and to turn to God for strength and guidance. The article emphasizes the importance of being honest with God about one’s feelings and challenges, and finding inspiration in scripture, such as the Psalms written by David. During a meeting with friends some months back, we discussed the alarming rate at which people commit suicide as a result of discomfort and depression. 

We concluded that it takes only the strong to survive. Looking back at the process of reproduction, it was discovered that the male reproductive organ produces over 40 million eggs, but we survived, what do you think happened to the rest of the eggs? They died! To be a survival is not a mistake. 

The fact that you survived means that you can survive and fulfill your destiny here on Earth. Moreover, it was just an egg that hasn’t gone through the full process, formless it was, it was as powerless as a leaf but gracefully survived the selection process.  

One of the inspiring stories I like is the narratives of King David when he was in the cave of Adullam after he had been tormented by King Saul.

David, the son of Jesse, a shepherd boy from Bethlehem, a literal nobody, got married to Saul’s daughter and became the son-in-law to the king but he did not know that his life was in grave danger. 

King Saul was preoccupied, and so he sought to destroy David due to his sudden fame and admiration by all men. A contemptuous and frightening anthem sung by the women of Israel, affirming that he had killed ten times more Philistines than Saul. 

There is this old saying by Publius Cornelius Tacitus that says ‘he that fights and runs away, may turn and fight another day; But he that is in battle slain, will never rise to fight again.’ David understood this and ran for his dear life leaving his wife, home and every other thing he had.  

This is quite intriguing; He was undergoing a period of unhappiness, a defining moment, a moment that was best described as dark, cloudy, and clumsy. It lasted for a very long time. 

The cave of Adullam was first encountered in 1 Samuel 22, no one knew the period of David’s arrival and the time he spent in the cave before he was found by his family. 

David was living in the muddy, dark, cold, and lonely cave. What if he was bitten by snakes or eaten by a beast? Hmmm… He survived!

Have you ever been in a situation where you just feel like sleeping over your challenges, and the next morning it is all gone? Or you felt like no one cares for me?!  

If our circumstances have brought us to the place we are now, should our response or decision be to abandon the one that can lift us out of it?

Our situation changes but God never changes.

When life’s problem becomes too hot, scary, or big when things get too rough, tough, or hard and, we have no one to run to or know what to do that’s when denying God is easy because we are tempted. 

And that’s the saddest thing a man can ever do.

Forsaking God at the face of trials is like sailing on an ocean without a ship.

Yes, when all the goodies come, it is very easy to believe God; Isn’t it? Yet not all good, smooth, or sweet things come from God.

David is a wonderful role model to emulate as regards where we are to align our faith in difficult times. 

Faith strengthens.

Pouring out your emotions by telling God the way we feel, is important at these times to get strength from him.

Challenges teach us how to relate to God; If it requires you to cry, cry. Some people think it is wrong to tell God how you feel. Tell Him about how you feel, with raw honesty. 

David wrote psalms, 34, 57, 142, and some other psalms in the cave of Adullam. These were inspired psalms that we all can relate to today.

Interestingly, God understood David’s needs, and he supplied them. These needs were not gold, silver, money, etc at first. The needs were men, people, companions…

At David’s lowest and humble state, God worked in his life, He listened to his cry and attended to his call. His friends and loved ones found him and chose to stay with him; these where people with all kinds of painful challenges. 

This humbles me the more, no one wants additional problems when managing or trying to battle theirs.

One of the most effective and practical ways of affecting lives is by helping others.

Our muddy, dark, cold and, hard caves are expected to glorify God, but it’s quite unfortunate many don’t understand this. 

In the part of the country I came from, many people are too afraid to give help to people, even as it is all over the world right now, because they don’t know if they would be harmed as a result of helping them. Truly, self precaution is good but learn to discern when God expects you to use your predicament(s) to help others (that’s another article for another day).

Today, look around you, God might have planted someone or groups of people near you. You don’t need to have it all for God to use you. 

King David had physical encounters, he went everywhere yet no solution; he dealt with them on the altar. He went into the cave battered, bittered, and broken but came out a strong and mighty leader.

Learn from this part of King David; At the latter, it pays off. 

Our sincere response to defeat determines how we handle victory.

God often allows us to go through issues; to prepare us or to further fortify us.

I hope these words speak volumes to you.

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