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Living a Purposeful Life By Embracing Your Imagination, Letting Go of Clutter, and Finding Your Passion

Discover the path to living a fulfilling life with the power of imagination, letting go of material clutter, and embracing your passions. Learn to navigate setbacks and failures while staying positive, and find purpose in living a life of lightness, joy, and freedom… Your life is just beginning. You have one chance at this. Life […]

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Overcoming Distractions By Reclaiming Your Life from the Digital Vortex

It’s all too easy to get distracted in the modern world. From your phone to the person next to you, from the TV to the internet, from the constant stream of emails and social media notifications and everything else that can keep us from doing our best work, it’s hard to escape distraction. Distractions are […]

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Preparing Your Kids for the Future

In the beginning children were too small to harm themselves even if they wanted to. They eat only soft things that are hard to choke on. Even when they get bigger, though, you’ll find it’s hard for them to hurt themselves badly. A lot of parents are worried about their kids these days. They ask […]

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How to Reach Consistency in Worship

Looking back, I can say that I have been inconsistent in my worship of God. But it wasn’t until recently that I realized the reason. As an undergraduate student, I was under a ministry team at my church that encouraged students to be consistent in their personal worship. They asked us to set aside specific […]

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The Power of Your Eyes: Understanding the Link Between Sexual Immorality and What You Focus On

Sexual immorality is not a new thing in today’s society, and it isn’t a new thing in the church, either. Given how sexual sin is exalted in today’s world, one could believe it’s a normal thing for everyone to do. It has become so bad that if you don’t commit this sin, people will stare […]